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Harmonic Drive® gears are used in a wide range of applications. Different applications utilize different advantages of the gearing technology. Some applications depend on the zero backlash and high positional accuracy. Some depend on the high torque to weight ratio. Some depend on the unique configurations. A few applications depend on all of these attributes. Here is a sampling of applications along with generic drawings.

Industrial Robots

6 Axis Primary Axes [SHF-2UH]

SCARA Robot Primary Axes [SHF]

Gantry Robot Hand Axes [SHF-2UH]

6-Axis Robot Shoulder Axes [CSF COMPONENT SET]

6-Axis Robot Base Axes [CSF COMPONENT SET]

6-Axis Robot Hand Axes [CSF-2UH]

SCARA Robot Elbow Axis [CSF-2UH]


Solar Array Drive [CSF COMPONENT SET]

Passenger Aircraft Position Pick-Up Unit [FB COMPONENT SET]

Medical Equipment

X-Ray Machine C-Beam Drive [CSF-2UH]

Stereotactic Manipulator Rotary Axis [CSF COMPONENT SET]

Machine Tools

Machining Center NC Rotary Table [CSF COMPONENT SET]

Machining Center Workpiece Loading Robot [SHF-2UH]

Gantry Milling Machine Tool Changer [CSF-2UH]

Special-purpose Milling Machine Tool Revolver [CSF-2A-GR]

Gantry Milling Machine Milling Head [CSF COMPONENT SET]

Tool Grinding Machine Indexing Axis [CSF COMPONENT SET]

Machining Center Chain-type Tool Magazine [FHA ACTUATOR]

Machining Center Pallet Changer [CSF-2UH]

Multi-spindle Lathe Linear Actuator for Tool Wear Compensation [FR]

Measuring and Testing

Optical Microscope Focusing Drive [FB COMPONENT SET]

Universal Testing Machine Torsion Axis [CSF COMPONENT SET]

Optical Measuring Machine Indexing Table [CSF COMPONENT SET]

Printing Machines

Flexo-Printing Machines Registration Drive[CSF-2UH]

Bank Note Printing Machine Phase Control Drive [CSF COMPONENT SET]

Folder "Back-to-back" Differential Drive [FB]

Folder Collator Drive [CSF-2UJ]

Semiconductor Equipment

Wafer-handling Robot Primary Axes [FHA and RS]

Wafer-Loading Device Primary Axes [SHF-2UH & SHF-2UJ]

Crystal Pulling Machine Two-Speed Range Actuator [FHA]

Coating Machine Rotary Table Drive [FHA]

Special Machines

Weaving Machine Fabric Take-Up Drive

Camera Head Pan and Tilt Axes [FHA]

Woodworking Machine

Machining Center Two-Axis Milling Head [FHA]

Machining Center Sawing Attachment [FHA]

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