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Series Size Ratio Type
CSF 8 100 1U-F
Gear Model Number
Gear Dimensions (see drawing)
Flange Dim A - Motor Adapter Flange Bore Dia. {{foundMotor.flangeDimA}} mm
Flange Dim B - Motor Adapter Flange Bore Depth {{foundMotor.flangeDimB}} mm
Motor Dim C - Motor Bolt Circle Dia. {{foundMotor.dimC}} mm
Flange Dim D - Bolt Size {{foundMotor.flangeDimD}}
Coupling Dim F - Motor Coupling Bore Dia. {{foundMotor.couplingDimF}} mm
Mass kg
Gear Performance Data
Rated Torque L10 2.4 Nm
Limit for Average Torque 3.3 Nm
Limit for Repeated Peak Torque 4.8 Nm
Limit for Momentary Peak Torque 9 Nm
Starting Torque 0.59 Ncm
Backdriving Torque 0.75 Nm
Ave. Input Speed 3,500 rpm
Standard Accuracy 2 arc min
Mass 0.12 kg
Torsional Stiffness
T1 0.29 Nm
K1 0.09 10^4 Nm / rad
T2 0.75 Nm
K2 0.1 10^4 Nm / rad
K3 0.12 10^4 Nm / rad
Output Bearing
Pitch Circle Diameter (dp) 0.02 m
Basic Dynamic Rated Load (C) 21.6 10^2 N
Basic Static Rated Load (Co) 19 10^2 N
Allowable Moment Load (Mc) 3.46 Nm
Moment Stiffness (Km) 0.27 10^4 Nm / rad


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