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Product Announcements


RSA-8A IDT Miniature Actuator



The RSA-8A Integrated Actuator uses a CSF-8-1U-CC miniature gearhead combined with a performance matched motor and an Integrated Servo drive. It utilizes CANopen® communication conforming to DS402 and DS301. 24VDC Nominal +7 to +30VDC Supply Voltage Range.

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RSF-5B IDT Supermini Actuator


The compact RSF-5 miniature actuator with a zero backlash Harmonic Drive® gear delivers high torque with exceptional accuracy and repeatability. The actuator features an integrated servo drive utilizing CANopen® communication. This evolutionary product eliminates the need for an external drive and greatly improves wiring while retaining high-positional accuracy and torsional stiffness in a compact housing. 

CSF-2UH-ULW: Ultra-Lightweight Gear Units


Introducing CSF-ULW ultra-lightweight gearhead. This series features a newly engineered lightweight structure with an ultra-compact shape. The ULW line achieves unprecedented low weight in an ultra-flat housing.

Available in 2 Frame Sizes

HPN Right-Angle



HPN Harmonic Planetary® value series is now available in a right angle configuration. HPN provides a low cost solution without the need to compromise on quality or performance. The HPN Series features helical gears for High –Torque, quiet performance and long life.

Available in 5 Frame Sizes

HarmonicGrease® HFL-1 Food Grade Grease



Food grade grease designed specifically for Harmonic Drive® gears.  Harmonic Grease® HFL-1 is NSF H1 certified, and approved for use in food processing equipment.

Available in 4 Sizes:

  • Bellows Bottle: 80g, 400g
  • Container: 1 Kg | 2.5 Kg

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Large, Hollow-Shaft FBS-2UH Series


This new Harmonic Drive® gear features a large, hollow shaft with a compact outer diameter. An extra large hollow shaft is ideal for robots and machines requiring complex cabling to pass through the axis of rotation. 
The new FBS Series is available in two sizes (25, 32) and three ratios (30:1, 50:1, and 100:1).

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High-Precision Planetary Gearhead HPG Series + Rack & Pinion


  • High accuracy helical rack and pinion
  • High precision (accuracy class DIN 6)
  • Runout accuracy of the pinion gear installed on the gearhead is 15μm or less
  • Low noise and vibration due to ground finish helical rack and pinion

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FHA-C Mini Actuator with Integrated Servo Drive


FHA mini actuators are available with an integrated servo drive. This evolutionary product eliminates the need for an external drive and greatly improves wiring while retaining high-positional accuracy and torsional stiffness in a compact housing.

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New ratios added for FHA-C actuators




New reduction ratios added for FHA actuators. The addition of 80:1 and 120:1 ratios to the flat, hollow shaft FHA AC Servo actuator line expand options for today’s design engineer.

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New FHA-C mini actuator with dual Absolute encoders


Dual encoder FHA-Mini actuators feature BiSS-C bi-directional communication for both encoders. The dual encoders are incorporated in essentially the same package size as the long-standing FHA-C mini single incremental encoder version. Without increasing the size, the dual absolute encoder offers single turn absolute position at the output, without the need for battery back-up.

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HPN-L: New Face-Mount Helical Planetary Gearheads


HPN Planetary gearheads feature a robust design utilizing helical gears for quiet performance and long life. These gearheads are available with short lead times and are designed to couple to any servo motor with our Quick-Connect mounting system. This new face-mount value series of planetary gears carry the reputation for quality and reliability for which Harmonic Drive® products are known throughout the world.

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FLA Actuator: New ultra-flat, ultra-light brushless actuators


FLA actuators are available with our high-speed, high-efficiency Harmonic Planetary® gearhead or with our high-precision, high-torque Harmonic Drive® reducer.  This new series is ideal for wide range of applications such as AGV wheel drives and powered exoskeletons.

Download our brochure, or click to Learn More: FLA


CSD and SHD add 80:1 ratio



New ratio for ultra-flat CSD and SHD gears. The addition of 80:1 ratio enhances the already successful product lines.

CSD Series: CSD-2A  CSD-2UH  CSD-2UF



New two stage ratios added to HPN HarmonicPlanetary® Servo Gearheads






New two stage ratios include 15:1, 20:1, 25:1, 35:1, 40:1, 45:1 and 50:1. With the addition of these ratios, the HPN line of planetary gearheads offer the increased design flexibility our customers require.

Download our new brochure for details and specs.

FHA-C-H: FHA series actuators are now available with IP65 rating and with an additional voltage option of 480VAC



FHA-C Series servo actuators are now available with IP65 protection. Four sizes are available: 17, 25, 32 and 40. The IP65 rated FHA-C actuator is ideal for harsh environments. With IP65 and 480V, the FHA actuator is well suited for machine tool, packaging, and wash-down applications.

Download our brochure, or click to Learn More: FHA-C-H


SHA-Y: SHA Actuators from Harmonic Drive easily connect with YASKAWA Σ-7 Series Servo Drives


SHA Series AC Servo Actuators now connect directly with Σ-7 servo drives from Yaskawa to communicate with MECHATROLINK-III and EtherCAT. SHA Actuators from Harmonic Drive are available in two series, SG and CG.

Download our brochure, or click to Learn More: SHA-SG,  SHA-CG

HPG-R Helical Series: Low Ratios, High-Torque in a compact package


The HPG-R Helical Harmonic Planetary® gearhead delivers High-Torque and High-Accuracy in a compact package. The Helical gear design combines quiet operation with higher torque when compared to the standard HPG Series. The gearhead incorporates continuous backlash compensation that ensures low backlash for the life of the gear. HPG planetary gears are available with a flange output, smooth output shaft or a shaft with a key and tapped center hole.

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New FHA-C-PR Offers High-Precision Rotary Positioning 



FHA-C Series low-profile, hollow shaft, brushless servo actuators are now available in 4 new models with 3 reduction ratios that achieve high-precision rotary positioning. The new FHA-C-PR models round out the already successful brushless actuator line. We improved the one way and bi-directional positioning repeatability of the FHA-C series to offer an optimal solution for those applications that require increased accurate positioning.

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The CSF-Mini Series Now Includes Ultra Flat Models with High-Moment Stiffness



CSF-2UP series has been added to our CSF Mini product line. The new models are lightweight and extremely flat. Thanks to a cross roller bearing used at the output flange, the CSF-2UP gearheads offer high-moment stiffness. The CSF-2UP mini gearheads are ideally suited for smaller robots or equipment that require an ultra-compact solution.

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High Precision SHA-CG Rotary Actuators are a great alternative for Direct Drive Motors


SHA-CG high precision hollow shaft actuators are a great alternative for direct drive motors at a fraction of the size and cost! The SHA-CG delivers high precision with improved positioning accuracy with surface runout less than 10 microns. These hollow shaft rotary actuators are ideal for high precision rotary applications such as indexing tables.

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Optional Mounting Stand for SHA-CG high precision actuators


Optional mounting stand is now available for our SHA-CG high precision actuators. SHA-CG rotary actuators offer direct drive motor performance in a compact, significantly lighter package.  This optional mounting stand makes the SHA-CG easier for users to install, regardless of mounting direction. 

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CSG High Torque Speed Gearhead is Now Available with a Fully Sealed Enclosure


Select sizes of the CSG housed units are now available in a fully sealed enclosure. CSG-2UK is a high torque fully sealed, housed component gear set combined with a precision cross roller output bearing & flange. CSG cup style gear units are very compact, robust and easy to use. This new product is ideal for machine tool and factory automation applications.

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