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How Actuators with Integrated Servo Drives can Decrease your Time to Market Learn how to improve productivity with integrated actuators. Integrated actuators are compact, and eliminates the need for an external servo drive, which greatly simplifies cabling. They are ideal when precision, lightweight and reliability are essential.
CSG-2UH Assembly Video Instructional Video: Follow along this step-by-step video to learn how to properly assemble a Harmonic Drive® strain wave gear onto a standard motor.
C. Walton Musser Who is Walt Musser? Explore the mind of genius inventor C. Walton Musser, inventor of the harmonic strain wave gear. Harmonic Drive® gears and actuators have been relied upon for precision motion control for over 60 years.
Harmonic Gearing Technology Video: Harmonic Drive® strain wave gears are in a class of their own when it comes to motion control and mechanical power transmission. With operating principles and construction that maximize output torque and minimize size and weight, Harmonic Drive® gears offer advantages such as high reduction ratios in a single stage, zero backlash, and high precision that cannot be equaled by conventional gear trains.
Harmonic Planetary Gearing Technology Video: Our expertise in the field of elasto-mechanics of metals is applied to the internal gear of the HPG, HPGP and HPF Series to provide the gearhead with continuous backlash compensation. Harmonic Planetary® gears use a precision engineered elastic ring gear. This proprietary Harmonic Planetary® gear design provides smooth and quiet motion and maintains ultra-low backlash for the life of the reducer.


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