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FHA-C Rotary Actuator

These rotary servo actuators utilize Harmonic Drive® precision gears combined with a performance matched brushless servo motor and incremental encoder. The FHA has a low profile form factor and features a hollow shaft through the center of the output. This hollow shaft feature may be used to pass cables, tubing or lasers through the axis of rotation.

The FHA series is designed to operate with a wide range of third-party drivers, as well as Harmonic Drive LLC’s DDP Series and RTL Series.

Key Features:

  • Zero backlash
  • New ratios added: 80:1 & 120:1
  • High torque
  • Large center through hole
  • Compact cylindrical design
  • Availability of a series of multifunctional control units
  • Driver Communication - DDP & RTL (CANopen®), REL (EtherCat®) & HA-800 (available for MechatroLink™ and CC-Link®)
  • Safety Standard: EN60034-1:2010


FHA 17 24V Spec Sheet


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Ordering Code

FHA - 17 C - 50 - US250 - B - SP
1 2 3 4 5 6 7

1. Model

FHA-C Series

2. Size

17, 25, 32, 40

3. Design Version


4. Gear Ratio

50, 80, 100, 120, 160

5. Encoder Specification

US250 - Incremental encoder with 14 wire 2500p/rev
E250 - Incremental encoder with 4 wire 2500p/rev

6. Option symbols

Please refer to the table below for available options

7. Special specification

Blank - Standard product
SP____ - Special specification code

Available Options

Symbol Detail
A 100VAC power supply (Available for size 17,25, and 32)
B With Brake
L Position sensors
C With connectors
K Rear exiting cable
F5 5 meter cables for each motor cable and encoder cable
E 24VDC power supply (Size 17 only)


Refer to the FHA-C User Manual and FHA-17C 24V spec sheet for more details
*1:Quad encoder resolution is calculated by (Motor shaft resolution) x4x (Reduction ratio)
**** Driver Communication - DDP & RTL (CanOpen®), REL (EtherCat®) & HA-800 ( available for MechatroLink™ and CC-Link®)

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